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Just who is Hip Kitty anyway? They are an explosive, four-piece rock band with a five-foot-eleven-inch blonde bombshell whose vocals are as commanding as her sexy looks. Combine her with the band’s tight rhythm and harmonies––and incredible songs––and you have an electrifying combination that excites and mesmerizes audiences everywhere. Who is Hip Kitty? They are all-American, sexy-ass rock!

Hip Kitty was founded in 2002 and since then has made a name for themselves across the globe. Each member of Hip Kitty demonstrates a unique talent, look, and energy, and their chemistry as a band is undeniable. Joining the sultry, powerhouse vocals and in-your-face stage presence of front person Jen Halverson is her right-hand man, guitar player Mike Goncalves. Mike is the life of the party and has a true love for the crowd. Whether live or recorded, there is no denying Mike’s obvious talent in creating memorable rock riffs. Serious and aggressive, bass player Rich Schiavo is the perfect counterpart to Mike’s driving guitar licks and powerful presence. Rich brings the rumble and fist-pumping rawness to the Hip Kitty extravaganza. He's also the voice that adds seamless harmonies to Jen's lead vocals. “Rich adds a curve to our sound and I couldn’t be happier,” said Jen. “We write with dominant harmonies in mind. You know how people who are related can create awesome harmony? Rich is like my brother from another mother.” Locked in and focused, drummer Mark Chrisawn is the calm that erupts into the storm. He is the solid ground on which their high-energy show is built.

Hip Kitty's passion for entertaining can be seen and heard during each performance, but the magic starts with creating and making music, which is the foundation of what Hip Kitty does. The band’s 2008 release, The Art of War, is a diverse compilation of lyrics, melodies and musical arrangements written by Hip Kitty. Engineered by George Tutko (whose credits include John Mellencamp, Deborah Harry and Rod Stewart) and produced by Hip Kitty, Shawn Conley and Mark Slaughter, it opens with the motivating instrumental “The March of the Tzu,” which showcases the band’s brawny musicianship. Jen’s dazzling vocals on “Flash,” and the haunting melodic lines and pouring vocals of “Alive,” follow. Song-by-song, note-by-note, the members of Hip Kitty establish themselves as a musical force to be reckoned with. Angst for lost dreams is the subject of “Cry Myself to Sleep” and is followed by a breathy story of ending love in “After Forever.” Memories and regrets are palpable in “I Wish You Enough” and the band gets listeners on their feet with the beat of “Sweat.” Other standout tracks include the creative production of “Other Personality,” the tongue-in-cheek lyrics of “My Forgiveness,” and the powerful disc ending “A Same New Day.” Throughout, Hip Kitty brings edgy music, dynamic lyrics, and solid, creative musicianship to listeners.

“The fact that we love music––everything from Iron Maiden, Nickelback, and The Beatles, to Papa Roach––gives us a wealth of ideas to draw on,” said Mike. The rest of the band agrees and it is easy to see why their music works so well both in the studio and in front of live audiences.

Another thing Hip Kitty agrees on is that it is good to give back. They support several charities, including Hattie Larlham, a family of nonprofit organizations dedicated to providing services to children and adults with developmental disabilities.

While they love U.S. audiences, Hip Kitty also goes to special lengths to entertain fans overseas. The band has built a loyal fan base entertaining fans with their high-octane performances from Key West to Africa to the Middle East. Hip Kitty enthusiastically supports our troops by touring military bases, whose locations include: Curacao, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Bahrain and Kuwait. “Hip Kitty puts on an incredible live show that never fails to connect with their audience,” said U.S. Air Force Captain Jamie Fleischhacker, Western Hemisphere Circuit Manager for Armed Forces Entertainment. “Their innovative sound and high-energy stage presence turn every performance into one big party.”

Hip Kitty’s approachability sets them apart from other rock bands, even with Jen's "Jagger-ish" on-stage presence. She is simultaneously sexy and vulnerable, girl-next-door and wildcat. The band feeds off her energy and so do their audiences. “Hip Kitty makes sure that their audience has as much fun listening or singing along with them as they do onstage during any performance,” Jane McKee, owner of Jane’s World Entertainment said. “It's all about the fans for us,” said Rich. “We love them and will stay until every autograph is signed.”

Hip Kitty rocks the globe, dominates their fans visually and musically, gives back to others, and each counts the other band members as a best friend. While they currently are on the road up to 250 dates a year, they are also writing for their next album and expanding to larger venues and audiences. That means more travel, more very late nights (or early mornings), more music and more fans. Aimed and ready to fire, this group is pumped for whatever comes next.


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