Peter Rivera
(Original drummer and lead singer for the Motown classic rock group Rare Earth)


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Celebrate With Peter Rivera

The Book

Peter Rivera writes of the 30 year
experience - before, during and after
Rare Earth.

Join him as he takes you on his
journey from an anonymous Detroit
teenage basement band to the
platinum album status of the first
white rock group ever signed to
Motown Records.

Read about The successes, the
failures, the groupies, the drug scene,
the politics, the lawsuits, the thrills,
the deaths...

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Any connoisseur of Seventies rock music will certainly remember Rare Earth. Their funky good-time music is still played on classic rock stations across the country and their place in pop music history is firmly cemented.

Peter Rivera is the original drummer and lead vocalist behind all of the hits. Wherever these classics are played people inevitably say something like: "I'd know that voice anywhere" . . .Peter's story is one of those all-American classics; a kind of "rags to riches" tale in which an obscure white boy, growing up in a red- brick row house of Detroit, Michigan, finds his way out of the grimy blue-collar neighborhood that spawned a whole generation of factory workers, dock hands, and "tough-guy" bar brawlers to the big time glitz and glam of the pop music industry.

With Peter on drums and lead vocals, Rare Earth sold over twenty-five million records. Peter recorded over seventeen albums, had top ten hits with:

"Get Ready"
"I'm Losing You"
"Born to Wander"
"Hey Big Brother"
"I Just Want to Celebrate"

The albums "Get Ready" and the two-record set "Rare Earth in Concert" won double platinum. "One World" and "The Ecology Album" went single platinum; "Willie Remembers" and "Ma" won gold.

Rivera has been called the premier rock drummer / vocalist of the '70s. Peter's vocals have been featured on countless radio and television commercials. His hit voice is heard in several movies and television shows. "A Knights Tale", "Three Kings", "Chicago Hope" and "Beverly Hills 90210" are but a few. Peter has 34 years of touring the world. "There isn't much I haven't seen", he says.

At present he lives with Dabar, his wife of thirty-two years, and his family in Southern California. He tours the world with the Classic Rock All Stars and is currently involved in projects that include writing and producing music. He has authored his autobiography and is currently working on a book-to-movie project. He has three children. Two sons are in professional baseball and his daughter is a senior softball star at a Division I college.

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CELEBRATE is not just the name of our band. It's who we are and how we do it. Every song and every performance is a celebration of our music, the audience, and each other.

This is the band I've always wanted. This band can really perform the songs as they were meant to be performed. The sound and feel of Motown has been an influence my whole life, and we get it right! I am honored to share the stage with musicians of this caliber.

"From the first song to the last, CELEBRATE makes you want to get up and dance. We truly enjoy performing and it shows."

It's a party and you are invited... to "CELEBRATE!"

Peter Rivera

UNPLUGGED is Peter Rivera, with friends Joe Brasch & Danny McCollim.

There’s no mistaking Peter Rivera. He is the Original Lead Singer of the Motown super group Rare Earth, 69-75. His voice is one of the most recognizable, soulful, powerful voices in R&B Rock History. Growing up in Detroit with Motown’s musical influences, he fashioned his vocal niche with a precision that is so finely tuned that even today fans over the world are stunned with his ability to deliver the goods. The fact that after 35 years of radio airplay, 3 of his 5 top 10 singles have been recently used in National Ad Campaigns ie: AT&T, Gatoraid, Ford, 2008 NBA Playoffs, 08 Summer Olympics among others, is very impressive. Millions of People over the world would recognize his voice without even knowing it. Peter’s hit songs have been used in Major Motion Pictures and movie trailers ie: Knight’s Tale, Tropic Thunder, 3 Kings, etc. Peter has been performing concerts for over 40 years and has never missed a lick. His energy is tireless. His performances are polished. He never fails to bring the crowd to standing ovations. His gold and platinum albums decorate his walls. When he sings and plays it is truly a musical experience you won’t forget.