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Turquoise Soul has deep roots in R&B, Soul, Funk, and Blues. But they break the boundaries of them all and surprise their fans with a mash up of a variety of genres.

Turquoise Soul's lead singer is Corrie Cahaney Johnson.
Corrie has been a performer for her entire life. She began by singing gospel in church as a young girl and then worked her way through the music scene performing with George Clinton's Funkadelic and Bootsy Collins,Prince,Huey Lewis,parliament,Robert Randolf, and many others. While her style is grounded in Classic R&B, she has the vocal range to sing anything and she sings everything with 100% of her heart. Singers come and go, but when one can give you goosebumps from head to toe, those are the ones that you never forget. Check out Corrie and when you hear her sing you will never forget her.

Rhythm and Lead Guitar and backup vocals, is done by Matt "The Moondog" Mooney. Matt has been playing guitar since the age of twelve and also started playing and singing in church as a young boy. This experience adds to Matt's performance aspect and he is a true performer on stage, never one to not give his all , he is a wall of energy. His talent is founded in the Blues and Funk, and stretches into rock , Jazz and Country. Matt is also the creative force behind Turquoise Soul's song writing. He has a great gift to write music and lyrics, and has always been a musician that can make up songs on the spot. His Collaboration with Corrie furthers his song writing ability as the work together on writing Turquoise Soul's original material.

On Drums and Back up vocals is Brian "Doc" Johnson. Brian is a force to be reckoned with on the drums. He has played since his teens and has roots in all genres. Brian has a natural talent to flow and sting and a graceful understanding of dynamic control. From sitting in the pocket to runs and stabs perfectly timed with the music, his talent on the drums shines bright.

He has toured America with Tuscarawas River band and played with many other bands throughout the years. Brian also has a amazing ability to follow Matt's guitar work. They have played in bands together for many years. This gives them the ability to always read each others playing as a second nature, and they both feed of the energy of this musical connection.

Together this trio, brings you a level of talent and energy that is rarely found.
Next time you get a chance to see Turquoise Soul perform a Live Show , make sure you don't miss it. With a wide range of covers done with their own unique spin and their amazing original material, they are a band that you want to see again and again !


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