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“Richie Albright, Jerry Bridges, Fred Newell, and Eugene Moles easily classifies as one of the best bands ever assembled in the history of country music. Add Tommy Townsend and you have a chance to put country music back on the right track. A chance to right all the wrong turns it has taken over the past few decades. This is "Outlaw Music" made by Waylon, Willie, Haggard, and Cash when they were at the top of their game. This is the best "Outlaw Band" this country has ever produced. In ?65, Waylon took Nashville by storm and changed Music City forever. When you hear this band you will realize things are about to change again.”

- Dale Martin, New Braunfels Herald

The band includes Waylon’s original drummer and right-hand man Richie Albright who began playing with Waylon and the Waylors in 1964 and toured and recorded with him for decades. He produced his first movie soundtrack for Roy Rogers’ MacIntosh & TJ film, the music for the first series of the “Dukes of Hazzard” TV show and produced several albums on Waylon, Jessi and many other friends over the past 30+ years. He most recently recorded and toured with Jessi Colter.



Bridges, who spent 24 years on the road with Waylon, will continue to play bass and tour manage Waymore’s Outlaws. A native of Red Bay, Alabama, Jigger strongly was influenced by the R&B emerging from nearby Muscle Shoals. Following a four-year stint as a staff musician at FAME Recording Studio, he moved to Nashville and began working with Waylon on the “Dukes of Hazzard” soundtrack. After contributing bass work on the Waylon’s Greatest Hits album, Waylon asked him to join him on the road.



Fred Newell is a bona fide veteran of the Nashville studio scene who has recorded with everyone from Ray Charles to George Strait. In addition to being the staff lead guitarist on numerous TV shows including Nashville Now, he is respected worldwide for his ability to generate feeling and sounds out of his instruments that many struggle to emulate without success. The first country guitarist to ever receive an endorsement from Marshall Amplifiers, Newell is a guitar legend in many circles. He is unique in that he is considered not only a legendary guitarist, but also one of the top steel players of all time.


Lead and rhythm guitarist Eugene Moles was surrounded by the “Bakersfield Sound” via his father Gene Moles, Roy Nichols, Merle Haggard, Buck Owens and others. In 1976 Haggard asked him to play guitar until Nichols recuperated from an illness. He joined Buck Owens and the Buckaroos and played on numerous “Hee Haw” shows. He moved to Nashville in 1987 to be more involved in the recording process and later worked at the Grand Ole Opry for 10 years with Del Reeves.



A native of Blairsville, Georgia, Tommy Townsend had the rare distinction of being mentored by Waylon. Waylon was a pivotal force in Townsend's life, and the two collaborated several times over the years, with Waylon playing and singing harmony on some tracks and even co-producing a full album on Tommy with Jigger Bridges. Many times Waylon and band would take Tommy under their wings and into the studio, and occasionally, out for an appearance on the road.



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